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when everything has change

October 16, 2010

i never thought it would not be the same as before..
it hurt a lot than nothing..
why his never ne from my mind..
why i'm keep thinking bout his life..
i'm does not exist from his life since before..
he just cruel to anyone life for this while..
keep thinking and thinking bout the bullshit man..
who has destroy my life..
my heart..
and my soul..
why you keep pushing me around?
why you keep exist my heart,my soul,my mind..
stop from attacking me like that way..
i hate you so much!
i really hate it so much!
i never thought it would end like hell..
you always made story bout me..
why you keep doing like that..
i hate what you did..
so buulshit of you..
you just broken pieces at my heart..
give pain not love..
all just liar to me..
infront me you just pretend to be perfect..
but actually you just a loser..
i hate person name >>> AFIZAL B KULE@MOHAMMAD <<<
why cant you just die..
i'm happy you die..
i'm really happy!!


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