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thing would never come out like i thought

October 18, 2010

my life have change since i know ..
hurt and pain never gone from my own feeling ..
cry is my best friend ..
everything i do cry always be there ..
how coul i be like this ..
why my heart does not strong enough to face the pain ..
tears keep apear at the end of my eyes ..
keep saying that " why me ? " ..
how could him doing like this ..
how could he? ..
i hate him !! ..
really hate him !! ..
why u make me love if u want to leave me? ..
why dear ? ..
i should heard whatt they said bout you before ..
liar !! its all ur fault !! ..
all of it !! ..
damn u so much [DYSM] ..
why can god can take away ur soul or mine ? ..
it much more easier if that happen ..
more easier like i want ..


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