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December 21, 2010

i know your not the ones for me ..
but why i keep thinking of you ..
it hurts to think bout' you ..
i keep thinking how can be with someone who such a jerk with everyone ..
argh .. strange for nothing ..
actually he is better than you ..
for god sake ..
i know that you just one to be perfect at everyone eyes ..
but you keep playing harder with other ..
you keep someone cry for you ..
miss you a lot ..
why you keep doing that ..
shame on you ..
you always make everyone around me like hell ..
i hate bout' thing with you ..
why can't you just go away from everyone life ..
know you for two years make me know that you are not perfect enough to be a better husband for any girl in your life ..
for everyone sake, leave this world ..
i hate you very much ..
i hope you to go to hell ..
hope nothing would bless you ..


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