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habis sudah ..

April 17, 2011

tadik bowk jak abis diat cita "my girlfriend is a gumiho"

wow .. best aih cita ya ..

so touching lowh ..

sedih li jak part aher cita ya ekh ..

sampe menitit-nitit aik mata tuk diat hero n heroin ya ngs ..

wah .. so loving ekh ..

saat aher idup ompuan ya buat laki ya sedih ilak2 ekh ..

nsb nya muncul balit .. it just a "fiksyen" story ..

ni da org blh idup balit ada 9 nyawa ..

yang pasti ku mok rekomen cita tuk kat org ekh ..

mmg best lah ..

am i wrong?

April 10, 2011

hmm .. alot of thing has change

it make me want to cry always

most of my time thinking the thing that would not be end at all

what would i say? DISAPOINTED

it would be easier for me if i lost my mind for every second that i been hurt

cry, cry, cry and more cry

doesn't matter how hard i try, i'm still cry at the end of the day

what would you do, if you know?

it still make me sad i love you and i'm never want to lose you because you're the one i need and you're the one i like most

if i go, would you let me??

misz him a lot but it would not be the same

April 9, 2011

i think, everything i did for the last couple of day made me sad

remembering him a lot made me sad

me, doesn't know how to tell him the truth that my heart was broken enough because of the way he be

why it could be like this

jealously i'm with the other couple

sometimes i need space but he made me feel want to cry a lot

why feel like this

i love him but i don't want to be like this

it really hurt for me to face it lonely

love is the way you comfort the other and i'm not comfort enough with you since you made me like this

can you made more smile at my face

i miss it so much