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hurt inside my brain n heart

May 12, 2010

sometimes i feel wants to die in the bottom my heart..
i been far from my own life n my own feeling..
it being heart by the human who life among me..
i keep crying in the middle of day without nothing to say..
how i keep being like dis..
its hurt..
feel pain bleeding inside..
what shit going on?
dont do dis to me..
i just want to be happy n cant u leave me alone with my life..
i'm so scared..
i need ur help..really2 need it..
its painfull right heart..
just want to cry again n again until i die..
my heart is broken enough..
until no space to breath..
i need someone that who let me free just like bird in the sky..
not live in cage of gold but bleeding inside..
i want to be free..
give me air to breath..
i need it so much..
like my cry flow at my face right now..
i just want to rest in peace..
::free like the others::


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